Estonian Presidency has reached the finish line

  • 12/29/2017 11:09

The Estonian Presidency team would like to thank all their colleagues in the Council Working Party, General Secretariat, Legal Service, Eurostat and the European Parliament for the productive cooperation. It has truly been a pleasure working with you.

As announced in the beginning of the period, the priorities for the Estonian Presidency were IFS and GNI, but work also continued on various other files.

July started with the launch of the written procedures for GNI and FRIBS. Preparations started for trilogues on Tercet, contact was made with the EP also on FRIBS and IESS. The CWPS meeting discussed the new MT-EE Presidency text on IFS. The first written consultation for Omnibus ended and a Presidency proposal aiming to consolidate MS positions was send out in August, requesting new feedback in September.

After a brief summer holiday break in August, work continued in the beginning of September with a CWPS focusing mostly on IFS but also including a Commission presentation on the GNI file. The second September CWPS continued discussing IFS and the Commission made a presentation on the FRIBS file. September schedule also included the first and last trilogue on Tercet. In October CWPS a common position was reached on the GNI file, and a final approval was given to the IFS full text after some small amendments were made to the Presidency text after agreeing on its principles in the previous meeting.

November CWPS took a look at EP amendments to the IFS file in preparation for the trilogues to be taking place later that month. A half-day was also dedicated to IESS articles 7 to 19. Outside of CWPS meetings, the Presidency team travelled to Brussels a lot in November and December to negotiate with the EP and Commission in preparation for IFS trilogues.

On 1 December the Friends of Presidency group discussed the Omnibus file, focusing only on the files and articles which the MS did not reach a conclusive position on. December CWPS saw a debrief of the first IFS trilogue, asking for guidance for the second trilogue and a longer discussion on Articles 3 and 6 of IESS. The second IFS trilogue was inconclusive: talks will continue under the Bulgarian Presidency.